DaysTune Band Of The Week: Terraplane Sun From Venice Beach, CA

DaysTune Band Of The Week: Terraplane Sun From Venice Beach, CA

There’s a rule for drinking Scotch that all true aficionado’s understand when partaking of the golden nectar; Don’t gulp, swirl and swallow slow. Indie music (by that I’m talking about the ‘Top Shelf’ brand, not the kind you sling around with pitchforks), demands the same respect. Unlike most mainstream and pop varieties that are for fast digestion, all about the destination and never the journey, alternative music has an investment in it both lyrically and musically, that produces the kind of richness worthy of your concentrated attention. Terraplane Sun, from Venice Beach, California is one such band, infusing “blues, indie, rock, folk, dance and soul” for one incredibly smooth sound.

Terraplane Sun Band of the week

The Band: Frontman Ben Rothbard, guitarist Johnny Zambetti, bassist Cecil Campanaro, keyboardist Gabe Feenberg and drummer Lyle Riddle.

What We Like: “Everything about Terraplane Sun is believable. They’re bold enough to not drop themselves in a genre box and even though they seem to move between everything from blues to soul, it’s all done with precision and originality. There is a richness and depth here that warrants putting on a pair of headphones to soak up all the sounds and vocal dynamics going on in every track from start to finish. – Think favorite leather jacket and jeans and worthy to be played in any vintage convertible”.

What Their Website Says: Perhaps it’s the cinematic quality of their music that has afforded the young TERRAPLANE SUN such swift recognition from the Hollywood creative community.Their distinct sound has found placement in several high profile productions, including big-screen hits like 21 Jump Street, Playing for Keeps, as well as popular TV series like Teen Wolf, Suits, Franklin & Bash, Nurse Jackie, and the theme for A&E’s show Relapse…to name a few.

What Others Are Saying: “Ya Never Know, named for the third song on the track, is both eclectic and refined. The band pushes boundaries by incorporating harmonica, mandolin, trombone and lap steel, just to name a few, bringing a sound that is new and distinctive. And yet, the EP hones a classic sound that proves their sheer skill and, well, incorporates their Venice Beach roots.”-Filter Magazine

The New EP: Ya Never Know is available now at iTunes from Trauma 2 Records.

Now Watch This: Love the track “Generation Blues” the boys performed at the tail end of 2013 for Audiotreetv. A Must See & Listen.

Clear a spot in your playlist and concert plans for Terraplane Sun this year. Find out more by visiting the bands official website below.

Visit Terraplane Sun: Official

Photo: © Terraplane Sun

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