Elli Ingram Goes To Church In New “When It Was Dark” Video Release

Elli Ingram Goes To Church In New “When It Was Dark” Video Release

Back in July of 2013 we got pretty excited about Englands Brighton born, singer/songwriter Elli Ingram and her new Sober EP.  We expected her to take off right away. Instead, the same thing that happened to Adele for her first record, seems to have followed course with Elli. It took Adele getting her second album out to get the attention of the US market and the world for that matter. Ms. Ingram caught our fancy last year with her “Adele with an attitude” style and similar vocals.

Where as the “Chasing Pavements” singer may be street wise in real life, her musical style holds most of that in check. Elli on the other hand, seems to keep it all out there without hesitation, which is really the separation between the two. Her new single, “When It Was Dark” continues all the things we loved about Sober, with its sassy soul and bad girl Ella Fitzgerald-esque vocals.

Elli Ingram Goes To Church In new When It Was Dark Video

We’re hoping this is the turning point for Ingram and will see her making a bigger splash than last year. The new single keeps her doing what she does best and that’s exactly what we want to see. Enjoy the new official video and our song of the day for February 3rd, 2014 by Elli Ingram, “When It Was Dark”.

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