Watch Ellie Goulding’s Official “Beating Heart” Divergent Video

Watch Ellie Goulding’s Official “Beating Heart” Divergent Video

Is there anything Ellie Goulding can’t do? No, Duh! She is in a class all by herself, from her amazing and unique voice, beautiful looks, genuine spirit and chart topping records. Today the English singer/songwriter maintains her brilliance, in the just released official video for the Divergent single, “Beating Heart”. Ellie claims several songs on the soundtrack, pending on which version you buy and is sure to win over even more fans with this brooding and heart pounding track.

Ellie Goulding Beating Heart Video

The official video has the 27 year old drinking a special blue colored drink and wondering through the forest in a black slip, which no one is complaining about. There are the bird tats, some guy chasing after her and of course clips from the hit movie. Ellie takes the lead on the number of songs featured on the star studded album, which has hit artists like Zedd, Snow Patrol, Banks and more. It’s available on iTunes now.

Photo: ©Ellie Goulding Facebook

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