Ed Sheeran Performed “Sing” and “Don’t” This Weekend On SNL

Ed Sheeran Performed “Sing” and “Don’t” This Weekend On SNL

He’s the most popular ‘Ginger’ in all the world right now and singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran used his Saturday night appearance on SNL, to showcase two new songs from his upcoming ‘X’ album, “Sing” and “Don’t”. You gotta love his return to funk in the recently released single “Sing”, which he performed first during the show. Anyone whose followed the “Lego House” singer for long, knows he can spit lines like a machine gun. The follow up track “Don’t” uses the similar muse of heatbreak, found in most songs by his good friend Taylor Swift.

Right now, he can do no wrong and both songs give fans reason to be excited about what lies ahead in the full LP. We’re picking “Sing” as our song of the day for Monday April 14th, but of course you can love them both.

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