Song Of The Weekend: “Sweet Ophelia” & “1965” By Zella Day

Song Of The Weekend: “Sweet Ophelia” & “1965” By Zella Day

If you’re planning on picking up some vinyl this Saturday for Record Store Day 2014, be sure and get your hands on the debut 7″ clear vinyl disc from the up and coming indie-pop wonder, Zella day. It’s not often that a new artist will catch your attention with both the A and B sides of their premiere release, but Zella Day does just that with the lead track, “Sweet Ophelia” and it’s underside companion “1965”. Spin them both and you’ll be craving a full LP in six minutes and 49 seconds.


Zella has complete control of her amazing vocal range, which moves between melancholy Del Rey style verses, into powerful pop choruses. It’s fun, confident, bright and enchanting, with just enough reserve to keep it from feeling like something we already know. We love both tracks and are featuring the pair as our Song of The Weekend. You decide which is your favorite – we expect her to be around for quite some time.


Digital Tracks – Here
Get The 7″ Vinyl – Here

Visit Zella Day: Official

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