Tyler Lyle Releases New ‘Ditchdigger’ EP and “Lost And Found” Demo

Tyler Lyle Releases New ‘Ditchdigger’ EP and “Lost And Found” Demo

We gushed over LA’s singer/songwriter Tyler Lyle back in January when his single, “Werewolf” took our song of the day spot and today he’s just released a brand new EP titled, Ditchdigger via Bandcamp. Finding something you don’t like about Lyle’s music is the hard part, no matter what song you choose to spin. Captivating the listener with flowing vocals and rich lyric based tracks, every song is journey to be enjoyed. “Werewolf”, which is our favorite, takes the lead on the 5 track EP, but songs like “A Song To Sing” and “Ditchdigger” come in a close second.

To add to the mix of new tunes, the LA songster dropped a demo on his Soundcloud page Monday titled, “Lost and Found”, making it even harder for us to pin down a favorite. Having already had his music featured on the soundtrack of popular television shows, “Lost and Found” definitely feels worthy to follow suit. (UPDATE: Looks like Tyler has other plans for the demo, he has since removed it.)

Get this Ep, it’ll be the best $5 you’ve spent so far this year. Also, check out our previous post on Tyler which features the official music video for “Werewolf” – Here.

Tyler Lyle: Official
Tyler Lyle: Bandcamp

Photo: © 2014 Tyler Lyle

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