New iPhone Dancing Game Bounden Brings People Together

New iPhone Dancing Game Bounden Brings People Together

Remember how much fun you would have back in the day playing the game Twister with your friends? Those awkward moments when you had to contort your body into wierd shapes in order to complete a move. All while getting tangled up with that special someone and eventually falling down in laughter. This week there is a new app that brings all of that back and more called, Bounden.

New iPhone Dance Game Bounden

Created by Dutch studio Game Oven, the iOS game requires two people to hold onto one phone at the same time, while working a rotating dot in a series of moves to keep it hitting its mark. The idea, which utilized the choreography of the Dutch National Ballet, is similar to other dance software that have you follow a series of movements that if done right, would be a real dance routine. Of course, don’t count on that happening often, instead expect lots of up close and personal time with your mate or best friend and the challenge of hitting the mark.


Bounden is available now in the iPhone app store for $3.99 and they are working on a Android version.

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