On The Radio “Animals”: Who Is Martin Garrix?

On The Radio “Animals”: Who Is Martin Garrix?

Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix (Martijn Garritsen) celebrated his 18th birthday this week and though you may not know his name, you’ve probably been hearing his hit song “Animals” playing on your radio. He’s not a singer and the track is basically an instrumental, but stations around the country are spinning it non-stop. One more sign that EDM (electronic dance music) isn’t just making a showing in the mainstream…it’s changing it altogether.


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Wednesday of this week, the Amsterdam born DJ turned 18 and unlike most of those at the turntable today (sorry guys, no offence) Garrix is clean-cut and handsome enough to model or front some major pop band. That alone makes him more marketable to young people and maybe one of the draws that led him to become the first EDM artist, signed to Scooter Braun’s management company. You may know him as the manager of young superstars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

His infectious platinum certified track “Animals”, helped catapult him to fame in 2013 and make him the youngest DJ to reach the number one spot on Beatport. The song has spent 34 weeks on Billboards Hot 100 Chart, with it peaking at #21 and at the time of this writing sitting at 47; almost a full year after it’s original release. Outside of hitting number one in several European countries, the solo release has seen 44 weeks on Billboards Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart, topping off third and hanging at number six. With it’s recent surge on mainstream radio, we could see it make a turn back towards the top before Summer is over.

Inspired to venture into electronic music by watching fellow Dutch DJ Tiesto playing at the Olympic games in Athens, the two now are close friends, with Garrix considering him a mentor. School became something his schedule forced him to have to do on the road, which also meant being away from home. Garrix has stated in interviews that his parents are totally supportive of his career, attending shows when they can.

The official video for “Animals” (Above) has amassed over 240 million views since it’s release 11 months ago. There have been several singles (Located in this post) since the hit, with many more planned in 2014 and a possible a full LP later this year (or next, he’s not sure yet). His most recent work, “Gold Sky” done together with Sander Van Doorn and the guys from DVBBS is premiering this Friday May 16th via Rolling Stone.

On The Radio Animals Who Is Martin Garrix

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Electronic dance music is definitely changing how pop and mainstream do and see music. Most music lovers are familiar with DJ’s and producers like Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Avicii, and hearing a pop song that doesn’t have some kind of electronic or dance-club influence are few and far between. The days of having to find some European internet radio channel or late night offering on a mainstream station to hear club tracks, is a thing of the past. The two worlds are finding common ground and young, handsome, fully marketable artists like Martin Garrix, are poised to take it to the next level.

Be sure and check out the other single from Martin throughout this post and snag the free download of “Proxy”.

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