Vine’s Jack & Jack Talk Music & New Single “Paradise” (Song Of The Weekend)

Vine’s Jack & Jack Talk Music & New Single “Paradise” (Song Of The Weekend)

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, two 17 year old young men from Omaha, Nebraska have a lot on their minds lately. Seniors at Westside High, they have end of the year finals and of course, graduation right around the corner. Friends since kindergarten, they are also trying to decide which college they will attend together, once school is over. It would be quite normal if that was where the concerns ended, except for this midwest pair, the list of to-dos is a bit more exhaustive.


Since July of last year, the Omaha duo (who go by Jack & Jack), have been uploading comedic 6 second videos to their joint account on the social media site, Vine. Keeping their 3.4 million fans interested and happy, is priority number one. Then there’s jetting off every other weekend to meet and greet paying fans on the Magcon Tour (a collection of other famous Viners who get together in cities across the country), filming promotional Vines for different products and more recently, making music. A venture that to date includes 3 singles, of which the most recent is this week’s, Song of The Weekend.

I first heard Jack & Jack’s single, “Paradise” when a family member was streaming it on their computer in the same room. Having featured acts like Timeflies and Kalin & Myles here on DaysTune, I was quickly caught up in the tracks Caribbean style beat and familiar rap style. After a few listens to their previous singles, “Distance” and “Flights, both of which made the iTunes charts, it was evident that Jack & Jack have the potential to translate their success to music as well. Do they have work to do? sure – even they admit that. Still, their latest offering is quite infectious and perfect for a weekend in the sun.

We reached out to the famous Viners to find out more about their venture into music, the single and the future.

1) How did Jack & Jack go from posting comedic VINES to making music? (Did it start off as a joke and then you were like…man! we sound pretty good?)
Randomly we would make musical vines and we decided to write some lyrics. We like everything about the creative process. We like brainstorming ideas and talking it through, whether it’s for a vine or a song. Getting to perform our comedic or musical vision is the reward.

2) You’ve released three single, “Distance”, “Flights” and the most recent “Paradise”, with over 2 million views in three months on the lyric videos alone – Are you surprised by the reaction?
Yeah, we never imagined this would happen. We have the greatest fans in the world. They are like an extended family.

3) So, set us straight – whose who and which Jack does what musically?
Jack Johnson has always talked really fast and rapping comes natural to him. Jack Gilinsky is the vocalist.

4) Are you working on a music video for any of the songs?
Yes we are in the process of planning that now. Because we are independent we didn’t really think about a video, other than lyric videos. We have recorded two more songs and have written a few more yet to be recorded. We are still deciding which songs will have music videos.

5) You have a sound similar to Timeflies and Kalin & Myles, who are your musical influences?
Thanks, they both have great sound. We have a wide variety of musical influences and like exploring different genres. We listen to rap, hiphop, reggae, pop, acoustic pop.

6) Can you tell us what the inspiration was for each single?
Life, travel, relationships.

Jack and Jack Vine Photo

7) Now that you’ve had a taste of it, what do you enjoy more, VINE’s or Busting a rhyme?
Making music is our passion right now. Vining has been a great place to have fun and entertain our fans. We love doing the comedy thing and hope to produce longer format comedy on YouTube in the near future.

8) Can you tell us what’s next musically? (EP, LP, Singles)
Our fans will definitely be seeing a lot more music from us – singles in the near future, and possibly an EP by the end of the year. We are collaborating with a number of artists and developing the direction we want to take our sound. The change in the quality of our sound and lyrics gets better with every release. We are learning a lot about what we like and don’t like.

9) If you could trade a Jack in for a musical superstar partner, who would it be?
We love so many artists and bands like Rebelution, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drake, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the list goes on. We have been great friends since we met the first day of kindergarten. We can’t say we’d trade in a Jack, but we are always inspired by musicians who are innovative.

All three singles are available on iTunes and you can find out more about Jack & Jack via the links below. We expect big things for the creative pair and their brand to eventually become a household name. Thanks to Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson for giving us some time and be sure to hop over to their Vine page for some good fun. This weeks, Song of The Weekend – “Paradise” by Jack & Jack. Like it? Share it!

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