Watch Chasing Grace’ New Video ‘Run’ Our Song of The Weekend

Watch Chasing Grace’ New Video ‘Run’ Our Song of The Weekend

Harmony is a powerful thing both vocally and musically. When done right a listener’s attention is lost in the message of the song and embraced by the power of it’s sound. Like the perfect pairing of wine and food, a duo who compliment each other and a band who follows suite, will leave fans fully satisfied and longing for more. Throw into that an experienced producer who “gets” the group and the sky is the limit. Chasing Grace, an up and coming four piece from the UK are proving in just their second single, that upward is the only direction they’re headed.

The bands debut single “Free”, which took our song of the day spot back on February 17th, was our first introduction to the four piece from Watford, UK. Old school friends, the band is made up of lead vocalists Philip Plested and Grace Ackerman, along with band-mates Matt Holmes and Phil Leigh. Produced by Naughty Boy, the upbeat folk-pop track brought comparisons to Mumford & Sons and recent offering from Avicii. We said then it could be the song to get them into the big time and now after hearing the follow up single “Run”, we know it’s just a matter of time.

chasing grace naughty boy

Chasing Grace’s latest single “Run”, keeps all the qualities of their debut, solid solo vocals from Plested and Ackerman, pin point folk style harmonies and a pristine track infused with just enough electronics to make it welcome on the pop charts. The official video taps into the songs emotional aspect and anthemic chorus, making this single/video our favorite thus far.

Chasing Grace Band Photo

We’re quite sure you’re going to love this week’s Song of The Weekend – “Run” by Chasing Grace. (Thanks to the band for introducing their video) The single is out in the UK June 15th.

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