What’s That Song In Coors Light Summer Brew Commercial

What’s That Song In Coors Light Summer Brew Commercial

Warmer weather is finally upon us and with that come all those fun commercials full of beach scenes and our favorite drinks, like Coors Light Summer Brew. If you’ve recently scene the short commercial, you may be asking “what song is that playing in the background”? Good news is, we know. The song was written and recorded by the quickly becoming, super popular duo, ‘US’ and is titled, “Incredible”.

The Commercial:

The song does not appear on either of the husband and wife’s currently released albums, US (2012) or No Matter Where You Are which just released this May. Made popular via A Capella versions of hit songs on the social media site Vine, the couple are now singed to a major record label, having seen their latest LP hit into the top 20 on Billboards Heatseekers chart.

The Song:

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