Introducing: Jakubi and The New Single “Couch Potato” (Interview)

Introducing: Jakubi and The New Single “Couch Potato” (Interview)

Like a satellite set for the perfect signal, those of us enjoying the summer season are in a constant scan mode for songs that remind us to relax and enjoy the time we have. Five guys from Melbourne, are sending out one sweet wave of addictive funk that is bound to help you do just that and more.

“Couch Potato” is a mix of funk, soul and reggaeton, all packed into one infectious track, that is sure to set the world dancing and wanting to know more about, Jakubi.

Lead singer Jerome Farah moves smoothly from Jason Mraz-esque rap to head boppin, soul-filled, funky choruses on the Australian groups best song thus far. Their four tracks to date, stay close to the sound found in “Couch Potato”, with some more soul-touched than others. Another of our favorites, the Jamiroquai styled, “Feels Like Yesterday” is a satisfying tune as well and proof they are no one trick pony.

We reached out to Jakubi to find out more about the group, their sound and the future.

1) A Melbourne band of five with a sound that has all these awesome influences moving through it – who is Jakubi?
Jakubi are 5 guys from Melbourne, Australia having a real good time. Coming from all different walks, we sorta just found each other and started jamming.
I’m not sure that any of us were really planning this far ahead, just loved making music together. We got Jesse Rehaut playing beats, Jacob Farah on bass/groove, Jerome Farah on vocals and talk box, Adam Kane plays lead guitar, then myself Robert Amoruso, I play a little guitar and piano.

2) I’m sure you’re getting that your new song “Couch Potato” is going to be a hit with fans with over 70,000 streams on Soundcloud in just 6 days. Give up the goods on this addictive little gem?
Haha yeah we are as stunned as anyone with that stat.
Couch Potato is a track we actually put together last minute before heading into studio. We were planning to use a different song as our next single, but then this little jam happened. We are definitely a ‘vibes’ sorta band, like, if we got something we are really pumped about coming up, we’ll just start jamming a tune that sometimes won’t stop for hours. Our feel good tracks like ‘Couch Potato’ and ‘Can’t Afford It All’ usually come out of this sorta place.

Four tracks up on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, each moving between soul, pop and one of my favorites (outside of Couch Potato) the Jamiroquai style single “Feels Like Yesterday”…
3) Where do we (or you) put Jakubi when it comes to genres? Where do the different influences come from and how do five guys work it all out in the end?
Ummm really tough question haha
We have all been apart of different bands/projects in the past, all really different to Jakubi. We like a lot of different music. From Indie rock to Hip hop and soul, Electronic and house to Folk. I think the one thing that brings us all together is the love for good melodies and funk. We don’t really work it all out at all. It’s like Jakubi is a giant funnel. We just poor all our different vibes in, and what comes out is this even mix of all five of us! We’ll leave the genre for you guys to decide haha

4) US tour coming up in August thru September – have you played the states before and what can fans and newcomers expect?
This is our first time to America and we are so excited. What can you expect?….well, you can expect to dance, jump, stomp and to do whatever else you aren’t allowedd to do at your day job. We are all gonna have a real sick time!

5) You’ve released your music on Bandcamp and those loving Couch Potato can grab it there as well. What can you tell us about any upcoming EP or LP?
Yep you can get ya own copy of Couch Potato on Bandcamp as well as our other 3 singles.
The EP, we are aiming to have that out for you all late this year. We are recording it in LA and have been given’ the opportunity to work with some real sick producers, who’s names we are not allowed to mention at this point haha sorry. It’s going to be a 5 track and may have a few new flavours on it, just to keep it interesting for you all.
We are really pumped to just get in the studio and see what happens!

Find out more about Jakubi via the link below and get “Couch Potato” at Bandcamp –> HERE.

Visit Jakubi Official

Photo: © Courtesy Jakubi

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