The Family Crest’s Song “The World” Is Big Orchestral Pop (New Video)

The Family Crest’s Song “The World” Is Big Orchestral Pop (New Video)

When it comes to wanting to do things big in music, most musicians are just thinking in terms of record sales and venues. For the San Francisco based indie band The Family Crest, it means all that as well as big sounds, lots of instruments and maybe around 300 people playing on your record. Today Liam McCormick and his set band of six, released the official video for their orchestral pop song, “The World”. A flowing sea of sound, rythym and harmony on its way to a mountain top ending.

“The World” is off of the bands latest album, Beneath The Brine which released on the independent record label, Tender Loving Empire this past February. The seven piece, which would be considered the immediate family is made up of founder Liam McCormick (Voice and Guitar), John Seeterlin (Bass), Charlie Giesige (Drums, Percussion), Laura Bergmann (Flute, Percussion, Voice), George Mousa Samaan (Trombone), Charly Akert (Cello) and Owen Sutter (Violin). Beyond that is the “extended family”, where the group allow outsiders to play and participate in their sessions and recordings, a membership of around 300.

the family crest beneath the brine album

The Family Crest will give you musical wings this Thursday, as the track “The World” takes our Song of The Day spot for June 26th, 2014.

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