Watch CAZZETTE ‘Sleepless’ Official Video ft. The High

Watch CAZZETTE ‘Sleepless’ Official Video ft. The High

Swedes Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer who make up the Dub-House duo, Cazzettee know how to put out cool music videos, like the one we featured back in December for their song “Run For Cover”. That monster like figure made from a flock of birds was memorable. Keeping the tradition going, the pair released the latest video today for their newest single, “Sleepless” ft. The High. More like a short film than a music video, you may find yourself waiting for the track to come front and center, but it never really does.

It takes to the end of the visual to realize how the director chose to hook the song to the story, which is a surprise to say the least. We were under the impression at first watch, that the two would eventually turn it up and either dance or make love to it. Nope – but I won’t spoil it for you.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with “Sleepless” or Cazzette, we’ve included the full track (above) which you can stream now. When you’ve finished, use the link below to jump over and watch the “Run For Cover” video, you’ll love it. Sleepless is out now on iTunes.

Swedish Duo Cazzette Debut Amazing Video ‘Run For Cover’ (Watch)

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