Watch Simian Ghost – Never Really Knew Official Video

Watch Simian Ghost – Never Really Knew Official Video

Swedish five piece indie-pop band, Simian Ghost have just released the official video for their (surprise it’s really a sad song), upbeat and addictive track, “Never Really Knew”. Yes, if you spin this once you’ll go away thinking it’s a happy song, with it’s upbeat, dreamy track and silky vocals. In reality though, as seen in the beautifully landscaped laden video, the two characters are worlds apart when it comes to love.

In one visually appealing video, our two characters seem to be on the same path and dancing to the same tune. It’s only at the songs end, that we and the unlucky fellow realize, the springy red-head is skipping along to a different beat. It loads of fun for both your eyes and ears and a great starting point for those new to Simian Ghost. From the bands most recent album The Veil, the single is available now on Playground Music.

Simian Ghost: Official

Photo: ©Simian Ghost YouTube

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