Fans #DefendEd On Twitter After Ed Sheeran Get’s Bottled

Fans #DefendEd On Twitter After Ed Sheeran Get’s Bottled

Now we know what you never want to do at an Ed Sheeran concert; throw a bottle at him. A Vine of the ginger singer showed up online this week and after fans started to see it, they immediately went to Twitter and got #DefendEd trending.

The inconceivable act happened after an extended period of technical difficulties, resulted in Ed not being able to begin his song, “The City”. A member of the audience wasn’t to happy with the wait and chucked a plastic bottle at him, hitting him in the left shoulder right next to his face. Terrible, right? Well the funny thing is, this happened almost three years ago on December 2nd, 2011. Not that his fans cared.

The Vine is taken from a video uploaded to YouTube back in February of 2011, by a fan who attended the event. In typical Sheeran fashion, he handles the unpleasant gesture with style, grinning slightly and keeping his head down. A few seconds later he is seen in the original video (below) stepping away from the mic and letting out a sigh, as they work on getting the sound fixed.

The audience can be heared booing the idiot who threw the bottle and the “Lego House” singer gains his confidence as soon as the he can hear the strum of his guitar through the speakers. According to the YouTube account that uploaded the video, this was “Ed Sheeran first arriving on stage and then performing The City at Bournemouth’s Ice Creamed event on Saturday 12/02/2011“. Fan captions on Twitter varied from wanting to hunt the culprit down, to reminding everyone that it happened years ago and Ed was fine.

Watch the original video below:

Video: Mitch Lee

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