Listen To ‘Right Beside You’ by The Dealer ft. Damon C. Scott

Listen To ‘Right Beside You’ by The Dealer ft. Damon C. Scott

It’s catching on in the UK right now, as it should and it won’t be long before EDM loving fans the world over, will be dancing and singing along to The Dealers official debut single, “Right Beside You”. Featuring the amazing vocals of former US busker turned hit song vocalist, Damon C. Scott, this already feels like a chart topper. You may remember Scott on the UK’s number one track, “Look Right Through” with Storm Queen in 2013.

Back in the company of another great Dj/Producer, Damon and The Dealer have a banger that is impossible to not spin multiple times. Addictive beats, grooving vocals and just enough of everything to make it top shelf.

The Southhampton producer has mixed up a streamlined electronic jam, that will satisfy music fans from mainstream, to hard core EDM. Proof it’s not just Scott that makes it work for the UK DJ, it’s worth giving a listen to his electronic single, “Echo” below.

As far as Damon C. is concerened, keep your ears open, it won’t be long before you hear him again. The Chicago born, city to city busker went from the streets of subways to touring and sitting at the top of the charts. “Right Beside You” is expected out August 3rd. Our Song of The Weekend for July 4th.

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