New Jimi Hendrix Movie Stars Andre (3000) Benjamin

New Jimi Hendrix Movie Stars Andre (3000) Benjamin

This September 26th, the new biopic, Jimi: All Is By My Side will hit theaters. The film stars OutKast’s André Benjamin in the lead role and the singer/rapper/actor looks very convincing as the famous guitarist, who died at the young age of 27. The movie will cover just one year of Hendrix life from 1966-67, right before his break into becoming a music legend in London.

The Hendrix estate refused to release any music to the film, so don’t expect any of his original material to be played. André however did put in a load of effort to learn how to play a right handed guitar left handed for realism. The movie stars Hayley Atwell (Captain American: The First Avenger) as the singers girlfriend Kathy Etchingham and Burn Gorman (Turn) as music manager Michael Jeffery.

The upcoming movie has received both positive and negative reviews. Family and friends of the legend have denounced the movies accuracy and former girlfriend Etchingham has been reported as considering suing both the distributor and actress playing her in the film. She stated to Mail Online this month, that the scene which shows Jimi Hendrix slamming her head with a phone is, “Just completely made up”. Comments on sites which house the trailer, are also riddled with posts about the accuracy of scenes in the preview as well.

The films producers and distributor released a statement to The Sydney Morning Herald last month stating, “The events portrayed in the film are well-documented via several different public source materials dated well before the script was written”.

Guess it’s up to you to decide. Out September 26th.

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