Broadway’s Lion King Cast Perform “Circle Of Life” On New York City Subway

Broadway’s Lion King Cast Perform “Circle Of Life” On New York City Subway

If you’ve ever been on the subway in New York City, then you know strange things can happen. Most just sit quietly and mind their own business. On one particular trek this past June, something took place that featured the cast from Broadway’s highest grossing show, The Lion King. According to current cast member Jamal Lee Harris (Ensemble), who uploaded the video to his YouTube account this week, the group took a break between shows to give commuters a special surprise, by performing the opening song, “Circle Of Life”.

We’re not sure at the start everyone was OK with it…considering unsuspecting loud screams in public places nowadays can be frightening. Once things get moving though, riders decide it’s all good and start to pull out their phones to video the event.

The Broadway show, which premiered in 1997, is in its 17th year and has been seen by over 50 million people. Tony Award winner for Best Musical, it is the highest grossing Broadway show in New York History. Tickets can range from a little over $100 to over $300. These lucky riders got the opening song, for free.

Vidoe: ©YouTube Jamal Lee Harris

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