Farmer Plays ‘Royals’ On Trombone To Bring The Cows Home

Farmer Plays ‘Royals’ On Trombone To Bring The Cows Home

Remember the old saying, “When the cows come home”? Well, turns out if you play Lorde’s hit song “Royals” on a trombone, they’ll come home a lot quicker. That’s what Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg did in a recent video he uploaded to his YouTube account this week. Derek states his farm is where “I raise grain, beef, kids, and creativity“. The creative part would be funny videos where he’s seen singing, dancing, being funny and here, playing a modern day pied piper to a bunch of cattle. It appears the New Zealand pop star’s track is popular among Bovinae too.

Check out more funny videos from the Kansas farmer by visiting his YouTube channel – Farmer Derek Klingenberg

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