Jack Savoretti Will Make Your Playlist Cool – Jack In A Box (Video)

Jack Savoretti Will Make Your Playlist Cool – Jack In A Box (Video)

It’s always cool to spin a song from your playlist and have those in the room start inquiring who it is. Anyone can ‘add’ a song to a list of music on a digital library, but it takes an experienced pallet to put together a compilation that is rich; even if every song is not on the top 40 yet. Having Jack Savoretti in your musical bag, will have you sipping San Pelligrino, while everyone else is just drinking water.

The Italian-English singer/songwriter who grew up in London, has probably already graced your auditory system at some point over the years, with his music being featured on soundtracks from popular movies and television. As is true with most material that makes it onto shows like Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Sons of Anarchy, a song needs to embody a certain emotion and genuineness, that meshes with the visual and completes the story. Savoretti meets this both lyrically and musically.

Jack Savoretti Jack In A Box

This week the singer released a new video for his track “Jack In A Box”, off of his latest recording, the Sweet Hurt EP. It continues with Jack’s unique sound that lives somewhere between indie-pop and indie-folk, with splashes of R&B. It was several tracks from his third studio album Before The Storm, out back in 2012 that had us hooked. Songs like “Take Me Home” and a favorite here, “Breaking the Rules” are musical treats that you experience, rather than just listen to. It’s songs like, “Soldier’s Eyes” from his 2007 LP used on the TV show Sons on Anarchy, that exemplifies his lyrical depth.

It would be great to see the mainstream catch on to the music of Jack Savoretti and even though the ride there has taken some time, there is still a chance that could happen. For now, enjoy the new video and a journey through some of our favorite videos below. Your playlist will thank you and your friends will think you cool.

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