Taylor Swift Announces Livestream Event On Yahoo August 18th

Taylor Swift Announces Livestream Event On Yahoo August 18th

Taylor Swift revealed today, that all those clues over the past week have been leading up to her announcement of an upcoming, worldwide live stream event on Yahoo from New York City. Just what will be happening or what the “22” singer will sharing is still top secret, but there was a similar event during a live chat in 2012, when she announced her then upcoming album, Red.

Taylor dropped the first hint, via her Instagram account on August 4th, with a video of (guessing) her finger pushing the number 18 button inside an elevator.

Two days later, you had to figure out what item in the photo was the actual #2 clue. It was the time, not the cat.

The third and final clue? Well, it didn’t take much work.

Leave it to Swift to make her fans enjoy playing along, while she keeps them looking her direction. There has been speculation about an announcement for either a new album or tour, or maybe both and hopefully lots of music.

Visit Taylor’s live stream page now to bookmark it for Monday August 18th, at 5pm/ET –> HERE.

In case you’re wondering what she was doing while the internet went buzzing about the news; apparently taking cooking lessons with, Lorde – what a life!

Photo: ©Taylor Swift Facebook

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