What’s That Song On The MacBook Air Commercial Stickers

What’s That Song On The MacBook Air Commercial Stickers

Sometimes it’s not the actual product that keeps our attention during certain commercials, it’s the cool song playing in the background we’ve never heard before. If you’ve seen the new Apple MacBook Air commercial Stickers, which shows all the different ways you can decorate it’s cover, there’s no doubt you’re wanting to know what that song is playing along in perfect sync with the changing images. It’s the new single by Scottish producer and DJ, Hudson Mohawke called, “Chimes”.

The Commercial:

The 28 year old, Glasgow born electronic artist drops deep horns, thumping bass and perfectly timed grunts in the title track for his new upcoming EP, due out September 30th on Warp Records.

If Star Wars had a club, this thing would be playing in it on repeat. Stream it below in full and see if you don’t get A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D.

There is no doubt the commercial is going to help get people wanting to know more about Hudson Mohawke and “Chimes” could be “that” song that catapults him into the mainstream. You can buy the track now on iTunes, as well as pre-order the new EP. If you’re into vinyl like we are, jump over to Bleep.com and pre-order it there.

Hudson Mohawke Chimes EP at Bleep.com
Pre-order the vinyl EP at Bleep —> HERE.

Visit Hudson Mohawke Official

Photo: ©Hudson Mohawke Facebook

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