HOLYCHILD’s New Single “Running Behind” Is Brat-Pop Fun!

HOLYCHILD’s New Single “Running Behind” Is Brat-Pop Fun!

LA’s up and coming, super amped and quirky duo HOLYCHILD, are dropping music that is hard not to enjoy – case in point, their latest single “Running Behind”; a fast paced version of what they call “Brat Pop”, that is nothing but pure fun!

holychild liz and louie

After meeting at University in DC and coming to the conclusion they belonged together musically, Louie Diller and singer Liz Nistico headed off to LA. A debut EP, lots of buzz and a signature on the doted line with Glassnote Records, sees the pair headed for a future in bringing a fresh face and sound to the world of Pop.

HOLYCHILD “Running Behind” Official Video

The official video for HOLYCHILD’s latest single was directed and edited by member Liz. A mish mash of quirky scenes and unique attire playing along at quick speed, Liz puts in visual form what we’re loving in the audio.

Just a taste of what their upcoming debut studio album is going to sound (an look) like. Put ’em on your list to watch as we enter into the new year and check out both “Running Behind” and Liz and Louie’s debut EP, Mindspeak.


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