Imagine If ‘The Interview’ Had A Screenplay Like Its Own Real Life Drama – It’d Be A Hit

Imagine If ‘The Interview’ Had A Screenplay Like Its Own Real Life Drama – It’d Be A Hit

That bumbling duo of Franco and Rogen, have done it again. Just like their on-screen characters, the world around them has turned into an unbelievable chaos. Like some incredible episode of Punked, one can’t help but expect at any moment, these two will come out from behind their new bodyguards, laughing all the way to the bank.

Major blockbusters are dropping into theaters this holiday season with major budgets. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies are already bringing cinematic pleasure to their many fans around the globe. With less than a week to December 25th, there are still more highly anticipated and critically acclaimed films waiting to open. Angenlina Jolie’s war drama Unbroken starring Jack O’Connell, which tells the story of Olympic runner and prisoner of war, Louis Zamperini is bound to inspire many. The Broadway show turned motion picture Into The Woods, with an all star cast of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp also joins that list.

Then there’s, ‘The Interview’.

It was originally scheduled for release in October, but got pushed ahead after a spokesman for the North Korean leader warned of ‘merciless’ attacks against the US, if it was shown. Sony needing some time to fix a few things in the film, it ended up slated for Christmas day. But the fun didn’t stop there (still thinking this may just be a publicity stunt), according to the FBI a hacker group associated with North Korea calling themselves, Guardians of Peace, worked their way into the parent computer of Sony Entertainment. The release of personal emails followed, which contained everything from scripts, salaries, personal data and the kind of email dialogue you know you’d regret, if anyone ever saw it.

So they cancelled the movie. James and Seth got bodyguards and canceled their interviews for the film. It appeared to be over.

Wait, George Clooney sent out a petition to support Sony and it’s release.

Oops, no one signed it. Guess it’s off again.

Seems that Sony got scared and that’s why they pulled it.

Wait, Sony said it wasn’t cause ‘They’ got scared, the individual theaters did and refused to show it.

It’s been cancelled for good now; no Christmas Day opening, no opening at all.

Wait, the President of The United States has just talked about the movie. Let’s listen.

Picture if you would – The camera pans away from the television screen to unkempt versions of Franco and Rogen. Who upon hearing the President of the United States of America saying Sony had made a mistake in pulling their film and wishing they had spoken to him first about it, spew marijuana smoke from their mouths and looking into each others goofy expressions, exclaim – “Holy F**k!”

Even as I write, what will become of this now highly anticipated comedy, is being debated. Sony is kinda sorta giving some hint it will still reach ‘The People’, via another platform. Could this thing end up trumping Jolie’s drama or Disney’s musical fantasy? And that by way of say, video on demand?

What if instead, they scrap the thing altogether. Pitch it in the can. I mean come on, you know it was going to be stupid; yes, maybe funny as hell – but in the scope of what’s out there, we all know a James Franco and Seth Rogen film is what it is. But, if things played out similar to what has taken place ‘around’ the film – that my friends, would not only be great roles for say Damon and Affleck, but would be worthy of it’s Christmas Day release.

Revised Synopsis:
“The Interview takes you on a suspense filled ride within the world of espionage. When aspiring journalist David Skylark (Damon) and his friend/producer Aaron Rapoport (Affleck) expose a plot to assassinate the leader of North Korea, the world around them is turned upside down. No longer able to return to their homes or work, they will stop at nothing to see that the truth is told. From the FBI, to a terrorist group known as The Guardians Of Peace, to the President of The United States, finding out who they can trust – will be the key to getting out alive”.

Nah. Cue Rogen stuffing a large object up his a**. Listen, you know Dennis Rodman is going to have a copy of this in his bag, to pull out on his next visit after a few to many drinks and Kim Jong-un is going to spew milk.

Shhh. The movie’s starting.

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