K Flay “Make Me Fade” Vanic Remix Is Mesmerizing – Free Download

K Flay “Make Me Fade” Vanic Remix Is Mesmerizing – Free Download

We told you back in August to get your ears around American rapper/singer K Flay with her unique vocal sound, sassy opinionated lyrics and funky-pop production. Her track “Thicker Than Dust” off of her first studio album, Life As A Dog took just one listen to know Kristine Flaherty had a firm grip on delivering fresh music. This week Canadian dj Vanic, dropped a mesmerizing remix of K Flay’s song “Make Me Fade” that you’ve just got to hear; plus it’s a FREE download.

This is the second track off of K Flay’s Life As A Dog record to get a Vanic remix, the first being “Can’t Sleep”. The Vancouver DJ has been turning out quality remix’s this year for songs by Lana Del Rey, Birdy and one of our favorite new comers, Zella Day. His style is quite hypnotic. Check out all there is to know about Vanic via the link below.

Find out more about K Flay and stream her Life As A Dog in our previous post – Go NOW!

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