Archery Video Gets Over 8 Million Views In One Day

Archery Video Gets Over 8 Million Views In One Day

Lars Andersen’s archery video titled ‘A New Level Of Archery’ is trending; which isn’t as cool as what he’s actually doing in the video. In it’s first 24 hours since it was uploaded to YouTube, it has received over 8 million views. Rightfully so, the Danish painter/archer performs feats of skill with his bow that will make you doubt it’s even real. From catching an arrow in flight and firing it back, to shooting three arrows in 0.6 seconds, to hitting 10 spinning targets in less than six, Lars makes acts from fictional characters like Legolas and Katniss Everdeen look possible.

Lars Andersen fastest archer in the world

©Courtesy Lars Andersen

The 50 plus year old Danish archer had a previous video uploaded back in 2012 titled ‘Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery’, it too got trending quickly in it’s first few days. But Lars has outdone himself this time around. The former video over the course of three years is just now at 4 million views, being trumped in 24 hours at double that amount. It’s moving fast, like Lars – who is the world’s fastest archer.

Lars Anderson Archery on Roller blades

©Lars Andersen/YouTube

Andersen isn’t the most graceful at running and jumping or the most “Hollywood” like in the looks department, but the guy kicks ass with a bow. If you’ve ever thought while watching that scene in Lord of The Rings where Legolas fires arrows at rapid speed without appearing to take aim was impossible, Lars will make you think again. Even with years of practice that began in 2003, things like splitting an arrow in flight or hitting a pull top from a tin can are mind boggling.

Lars Anderson Shoots Can With Arrow

©Lars Andersen/YouTube

Lars latest video is out to set the record straight, that “Hollywood archery is not historical”. He very humorously show us what would actually happen if a Katniss went running through the woods with a quiver of arrows on her back (spoiler: they fall out in a big pile). Loading an arrow on the left may look good on film, but as Andersen demonstrates, the amount of moves it takes would probably get your ass killed in a real battle.

Lars Anderson Catches arrow in air

©Lars Andersen/YouTube

Lars Andersen: A New Level Of Archery Video

His friend Claus Raasted who narrates the video, uploaded a quick history on how Lars Andersen got into archery in the first place to Soundcloud and it’s worth a listen. Stream the audio below.


Lars Andersen Shoots Arrow in Air

©Courtesy Lars Andersen

Just watch, he’ll be on Ellen before you know it.

Photo: ©Courtesy of Lars Andersen

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