Jeremy Renner Tweets ‘You Got The Globes’ Response

Jeremy Renner Tweets ‘You Got The Globes’ Response

Actor Jeremy Renner sent out his response to all the negative feedback from his ‘You Got The Globes Too’ debacle at this years Golden Globes, via Twitter today. The Avengers star let fans know right up front his feelings towards all the comments tweeting, “A reminder not to take this shit so serious”. He included words to the recipient of his boob remark stating, “Thanks Jennifer — You’re a gem.x”. Along with the caption were the hashtags, #Goldenglobes, #hadtosayit, and #Jlo. A photo was attached from the very moment when Jennifer responded to the actor with a big small.

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The much talked about scene took place when Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lopez took the stage at this years Golden Globes to present the award for best actor in a television mini-series or movie. When it came time to open the envelope, Lopez asked Renner, “You wanna open it?“, to which he responded, “no you go ahead“; clearly looking down at her very visible cleavage. The singer and actress replied that she would open it because, she’s “got the nails“. That’s when the coy 44 year old said the now famous line, “You got the globes too“.

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The whole event went down like an award show from the old days, with the Avengers actor cleary using the opportunity to be funny. His look up at the camera right after his remark, was pure deadpan. Jennifer laughed it off and the two were seen giggling about the matter immediately following. Jeremy’s tweet came on the same day that the new trailer for his upcoming action movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted online,

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