Premiere: Alec Chambers “Whole Again” Official Video

Premiere: Alec Chambers “Whole Again” Official Video

DaysTune is proud to premiere Alec Chambers’ official video for his debut single, “Whole Again”. The 19 year old multi-instrumentalist, dropped his infectious track this past November, making way for his upcoming EP. Alec enjoys a day in New York with his girl, eating ice cream, watching street performers and strolling along hand in hand. A song about “being with someone who is just absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted”, Chambers hits the mark on the songs anthemic chorus.

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A fan of English pop music, one of his top three tracks at the moment is Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”. A songwriter himself, he spent the last few years alongside award winning writers and producers, penning the songs for his new record. “Whole Again” is a good sign that it has been time well spent.

Watch “Whole Again” Official Video by Alec Chambers

Grammy award-winning producer/writer/mixer Lee Groves, who has worked on projects with the likes of Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas, said of the young Chambers, “I have worked with Alec a number of times in the studio. He is a total natural and a unique talent. I am always impressed with his musicality and ability to play different instruments and parts quickly and effortlessly.”

Alec Chambers debut single “Whole Again” is out now on iTunes.

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