Shia LaBeouf Dances With Maddie Ziegler In New Sia Video

Shia LaBeouf Dances With Maddie Ziegler In New Sia Video

Evidently Sia has found her perfect physical representation in the person of Maddie Ziegler. A former recurring cast member of Lifetime’s reality series Dance Moms, the 12 year old became famous last year when she starred in the official music video for Sia’s hit song, “Chandelier”. That video has received over 400 million views to date, and is still counting. It appears the Australian songstress liked what she saw, bringing Maddie back as the same character for her new release “Elastic Heart”, with the addition of Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf.

Returning as the crazy eyed, somewhat demented ballerina, the Sia wig-wearing Ziegler moves about inside a large birdcage as an expressive Shia LaBeouf dances…well, sorta. Choreographed by Ryan Heffington, the Fury actor (who looks more like a strong man from an early 1900’s circus), does his best at interpretive dance. His ability to sell out to the roles he plays in film, is demonstrated even in this small screen venture. That isn’t to say the whole thing is a bit weird, and is there really any one else in Hollywood that could have done this without is seeming hokey.

Shia LeBeouf Dances With Maddie Ziegler In Sia Video Below:

“Elastic Heart” is the second release from Sia Furler’s latest record 1000 Forms of Fear and the follow up to her 4 time Grammy nominated hit “Chandelier”. The song is a re-released version of the track that originally featured Canadian rapper, The Weeknd.

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Like any sequel, which is what this seems like, the original will always hold the title of “best”. But there is enough here visually to keep viewers coming back for a second look. The track of course is totally Sia; winding, emotional, with a dreamlike chorus that is memorable. Fans of the singer, the actor and the dancer will enjoy the new video. I couldn’t help but think that little Maddie has come so far; from an overbearing dance teacher, to dancing with a very buff and almost naked LaBeouf.

Wierd. But way cool!

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