Listen: Zak Abel Is Sam Smith & John Newman Rolled Into One (New Music)

Listen: Zak Abel Is Sam Smith & John Newman Rolled Into One (New Music)

Britain has long been supplying the world with great music, especially here in the US as of late. Hell, what am I saying; for years now. For music lovers who spend hours sampling new sounds on Soundcloud and the like, we know that there are so many more out there yet to come. Zak Abel is one of these amazing talents, who in my opinion belongs here now. He is Sam Smith, John Newman and Paolo Nutini all rolled into one.

Zak will have to thank his friend George Barnett for this one. A favorite here at Daystune, Barnett had posted a YouTube video for Abel’s new song, “These Are The Days” on his Twitter account. We love George and the boy knows his s**t, so we decided to take a quick journey and see what this singer/songwriter from London was all about. Lets get it out there now…Thank you, George!

The track “These Are The Days” is from Zak’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Joker Presents Zak Abel’. It’s set to release in the UK any day now. Before the funky-soul tune had finished playing, it had already elicited head bobbing from those in the room. The 19 year old drops seasoned like, soul-filled vocals, that have this super cool edgy finish. “Who is that?” should be the expected response from anyone within listening range.

The four tracks on the upcoming EP are solid and each impressive in their own right. What the record really does, is show the world what the young up-and-comer is capable of. A seasoned ear can recognize that Zak Abel has a vocal range that is solid gold. It’s a treasure chest of future hits; if he gets into the right hands. Similar to Newman and Smith, those hits could come via both solo works and collaborations alike. The sky is the limit.

Zak Abel “Unmissable” from Gorgon City (Acoustic Version)

Last year, Abel offered up his talents to the English house duo Gorgon City for their album, Sirens. Zak recorded an acoustic version of the song “Unmissable”, in a YouTube video this past August. It’s here, as the young artist sits playing the piano, that he wins you over. His vocal prowess is mesmerizing. Pure. Natural. Amazing!

Thank you, George Barnett!

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