Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Dramatic In New Film ‘Maggie’ With Abigail Breslin

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Dramatic In New Film ‘Maggie’ With Abigail Breslin

Roadside Attractions is delivering up a more dramatic Arnold Schwarzenegger this coming May, in the Henry Hobson directed film, Maggie. The story of a young girl who becomes infected by an outbreak that turns it’s victims into zombies.

Hoping to keep her father safe, the teenage girl runs away from home. Her loving father refuses to listen and sets out to find her and if possible, save her.

Maggie Movie Poster

Maggie moves to push the viewer more to what it would be like if the whole “Zombie” thing was real, rather than just bringing the horror of hoards of the undead trying to eat you. Imagine if there was an infectious outbreak and you caught it? Or your child became infected and the government demanded you hand them over for quarantine?

Arnold Get’s Dramatic in ‘Maggie’ Official Trailer

Unlike his former characters, the Terminator star doesn’t don leather and run off hell bent on shooting everything in sight. Playing a farmer father to his infected teenage daughter (Breslin), Schwarzenegger demonstrates his ability for the dramatic, as a concerned parent who will do anything for their child.

Maggie Movie Arnold Schwarzenegger

Abigail Breslin and Arnold Schwarzenegger in MAGGIE. Photo credit: Tracy Bennet ©2015 Roadside Attractions

Maggie is due in theaters this coming May 8th.

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