Clean Bandit’s New Single “Stronger” Keeps The Addictive Songs Coming

Clean Bandit’s New Single “Stronger” Keeps The Addictive Songs Coming

Since 2013 we’ve been praising the musical abilities of the English electronic group Clean Bandit. What the four members have done with their unique array of instruments and electronics over the past four years is pretty amazing.

If you’re not hearing one of their hit songs on the radio, you’ve probably heard a snippet of it in a tv commercial at some point.


The band recently re-recorded the song “Stronger”, which appeared on a special edition of their debut album, New Eyes in 2014. This time around they chose to utilized vocals from Alex Newell and Sean Bass, for one addicitve, soul-pop single.


Check out the official video for “Stronger” below.

“Stronger” by Clean Bandit ft. Alex Newell and Sean Bass

The single will be available on April 19th on iTunes and if you haven’t gotten Clean Bandit’s debut album New Eyes, do yourself a favor and get it now.

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Photo: ©Clean Bandit/YouTube

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