New Tomorrowland Trailer “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

New Tomorrowland Trailer “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

The new ‘Tomorrowland’ trailer from Walt Disney Pictures is sure to get moviegoers excited for its upcoming May 22nd release. Unlike previous trailers, actor George Clooney, who plays the mysterious inventor Frank Walker, isn’t just sitting in front of a bunch of monitors looking smart. He’s also a man of action.

The Brad Bird directed sci-fi adventure film, is based on the futuristic themed lands at Disney Parks with the same name. Similar to the Pirates of The Caribbean movie franchise, Walt Disney Pictures is putting a story to one of its amusements. By the look of trailer number three, the pay off could be huge.

New Tomorrowland Trailer #3

The amount of action packed into the new trailer is quite impressive when you consider it’s from the early scenes in the film, when the young Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) is just meeting the inventor. This all before the two even leave his house!


Disney’s TOMORROWLAND..L to R: Frank (George Clooney) & Casey (Britt Robertson) ..Ph: Kimberley French..©Disney 2015

As the handsome Clooney declares to his new co-hort in the latest visual, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” – the same can be said to those awaiting next months opening.

Tomorrowland stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key. It is directed by Brad Bird and co-written and produced by Bird and Damon Lindelof.

Media: ©2015 Walt Disney Pictures All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Top – Disney’s TOMORROWLAND..Frank Walker (George Clooney)..Ph: Film Frame..©Disney 2015

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