I Want It That Way Lip Sync Serenade – (Video)

I Want It That Way Lip Sync Serenade – (Video)

What girl doesn’t want to be serenaded by her man. We uploaded a sweet video of a young woman getting just that from her beau Sam, during a recent weekend outing. The handsome fellow performed the Backstreet Boys hit song, “I Want It That Way”, via lip sync.

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The YouTube video is bound to make you go “Aww”, when she looks into his eyes and gives a big grin. The shade wearing passenger will melt your heart when he holds up his finger while mouthing, “The One / Desire”.

Boyfriend Serenades Girl With Backstreet Song

The famous Backstreet Boys song is known the world over – having reached number one in over 25 countries, when it was released back in 1999.

Video: ©2015 DaysTune – Sam & Chloe

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