Katy Perry Wows At Met Gala In Graffiti Print Moschino Gown

Katy Perry Wows At Met Gala In Graffiti Print Moschino Gown

Katy Perry was a whole lotta, Wow! Monday night at the New York Met Gala, as she took control of the red carpet in her graffiti print, Moschino gown. The 30 year old pop queen rocked her new pixie hair-cut, in the figure hugging, cleavage bearing dress. Completing what we think was the coolest look of the night, Katy wore matching long black gloves and a handbag that looked like a can of spray-paint.

Singer Katy Perry with American designer Jeremy Scott

Singer Katy Perry with American designer Jeremy Scott at the New York Met Gala May 4th, 2015. ©Fameflynet

The Roar singer seemed to enjoy her ensemble, making the most of every opportunity to pose for the cameras. American designer for Moschino, Jeremy Scott joined Perry in a matching graffiti tux for a few pictures as well.

Katy Perry wows in graffiti dress

Katy looked at ease in her very cool gown and was more than willing to strike a pose. ©Fameflynet

Although her dress was not sheer like many of the other divas of the night, Katy’s short hair and strapless gown combo still accentuated her, “positives”. This years theme at the Metropolitan Museum of Art benefit gala was, “China: Through The Looking Glass”. The dresses and clothing for the night were expected to have an Asian influence.

Katy Perry With her Moschino Gloves and gown

Katy shows off her matching gloves and unique fingernail design. ©Fameflynet

Katy showed off her graffiti covered three quarter gloves, that had the fingers removed. Her fingernails were painted flat black, with letters dangling from each finger tip that spelled out the gowns designer name, Moschino.

Katy Perry At Met Gala In Painted Gown

Katy Perry in her Moschino Gown, New York May 4th, 2015. ©Fameflynet

The Prism songstress looked every bit on top her fashion game Monday night, without over doing it on any point. She owned it!

What do you think of Katy’s gown? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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