See Matt LeBlanc Sing Joey Songs From Friends On Graham Norton (Funny)

See Matt LeBlanc Sing Joey Songs From Friends On Graham Norton (Funny)

Actor Matt LeBlanc delivered the laughs this week on The Graham Norton Show, when he was asked to sing ‘Joey’ songs from Friends. The British host asked Matt to revisit some on those famous scenes from Friends, in which he had to sing. Proving ‘Joey’ isn’t that far away from the actor himself, LeBlanc was quickly back into character as he sang for fellow guests, Rebel Wilson and Kit Harington.

Watch Matt LeBlanc Sing Joey Songs From Friends

Graham Norton brought up two specific times the character Joey had to sing on the hit TV show friends. The first, an episode where Joey held the lead role in a play called, “Frued” and the second that involved a hand twin. After a little nudging, the star sang just enough lines to have everyone laughing.

In true Joey Tribbiani style, LeBlanc sings the hands song to the tune of “This Land Is Your Land” and it is priceless. After setting up the song, the actor couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, “God, this is so..stupid”, singing “This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, No wait that’s your hand, Oh no that’s my hand!

joey songs on The Graham Norton Show Photo

The Graham Norton Show, Season 17, Episode 4, (front left to right) Matt LeBlanc, Rebel Wilson, Kit Harington, (back) Mumford and Sons with Graham Norton (center). © PA Wire/Press Association Images

Matt LeBlanc was on The Graham Norton Show to talk about his current role in the BBC/Showtime series, Episodes. He was joined by actress/comedian Rebel Wilson, actor Kit Harington and musical guests Mumford and Sons.

The Graham Norton Show airs Saturdays, 11:00pm ET.

Photo: ©2015 BBC America/YouTube

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