Robert Downey Jr. Wrote & Narrated A Truly Touching HTC Commercial You’ve Just Got To See & Hear

Robert Downey Jr. Wrote & Narrated A Truly Touching HTC Commercial You’ve Just Got To See & Hear

I can’t imagine any one else filling the shoes of Tony Stark now that Robert Downey Jr. has ruled the role. Who else could come off as a self confident, slick talking, ladies man like Robert Downey Jr.? He’s an amazing actor for sure. He’s also the boss when it comes to writing and narrating commercials. The most recent ad for the HTC One M9 mobile phone released this past March, will give you chills.

HTC Commerical robert downey jr

©HTC One M9 Commercial/YouTube

Lot’s of actors narrate for companies, but this time around HTC asked the Iron Man actor to also help write the copy that he would end up narrating.

The result is probably the most touching, inspiring mobile phone ad we’ve ever seen or heard. In fact, it’s that very combination of text, visual cips and one of the most recognized voices in Hollywood right now, that makes this so captivating. Downey’s voice is perfect. Pull the phone out of the picture and you could use these words for your next “meaning of life” or “let’s stop fighting” speech.

Robert Downey Jr HTC One M9 Commercial

Robert Downey Jr’s HTC Speech
It’s funny how life just happens.
It, unfolds.
You know they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.
But there must be one.
A Plan.
The reason we’re all here.
Though everyone seems so different,
Until you know them a little.
Even just for a minute,
A second,
A Flash.
Because we’re closer than we think.
It’s just us.
In this world, on this planet.
Intensely quiet,
And yet brilliant.
It seems like we forget,
And we’re gently reminded
We’re all the same.
Maybe that’s the plan.
And the reason to remember,
That deeper connection.
And more shall be revealed,
‘Cause we’re all one.
We’re all, One.

Robert Downey Jr attends the European premiere of 'The Avengers

Robert Downey Jr attends the European premiere of ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ at Westfield London on April 21, 2015 in London, England. ©Fameflynet

Robert Downey Jr is hands down the best actor to play Iron Man and now he’s our favorite ad man. This is one commercial you should be sharing – it’s message is needed. Thanks RDJ and HTC.

Roberts Speech by ©HTC/Robert Downey Jr.

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