Melanie Martinez’ ‘Pity Party’ Is Our Song of The Day (Video)

Melanie Martinez’ ‘Pity Party’ Is Our Song of The Day (Video)

Former Voice contestant Melanie Martinez, dropped one twisted video this week for her single “Pity Party” and it’s just to good to pass up. Taking charge of the camera like Katy Perry, the 20 year old singer/songwriter hits the bulls-eye both musically and visually. The lead single from her long awaited, upcoming debut album Cry Baby – ‘Pity Party’ delivers up Melanie’s signature style while still possessing all the things mainstream fans will love.

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Trying to convince us she’s not bothered that no one has shown up to her party, is not quite working. The sweet passive party girl quickly turns psychotic, donning clown make-up, talking to imaginary friends, crushing cake and even eating the stuffing out of her toy animals.

Tying the visual delight together, is an infectious bass thumping pop track that has Martinez sampling Lesley Gore’s hit, “It’s My Party”. Everything about this feels like a winner and should help take the young, fiesty New Yorker far beyond her 2014 debut single ‘Dollhouse’. Expect to see and hear more from Melanie Martinez this year.

Watch Melanie Martinez Get Twisted in ‘Pity Party’ Video

The single is out now on iTunes, with her debut album Cry Baby set to release this coming August.

‘Pity Party’ by Melanie Martinez is our Song of The Day – love it, share it!

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Photo: ©2015 Melanie Martinez/YouTube


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