Spectre: The First TV Spot Airs In US!

Spectre: The First TV Spot Airs In US!

The first official TV trailer for the upcoming James Bond film, ‘Spectre’, aired today (June 10th) here in the US. If there was any doubt that Daniel Craig would have any romantic encounters with the beautiful, and older Monica Bellucci in the latest installment, they are put to rest here.

The sixty second trailer ends with the two in a very steamy face to face.

GIF from new Spectre trailer

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Not to leave out the much younger, but equally attractive Lea Seydoux, there is also a quick clip of the famous ladies man preparing to lock lips with her as well.

Bond Girls: New Bond Girls Léa Seydoux & Monica Bellucci Stand Out In Black & Yellow

It’s all the action, mystery and romance fans love about 007 and ‘Spectre’ looks like it’s going to deliver it all, this Fall.

Action, Mystery And Romance In New ‘Spectre’ TV Trailer

Spectre is due in theaters November 6th, 2015.

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Photo: Top – ©Sony Pictures/YouTube

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