Everest Movie Behind The Scenes –

Everest Movie Behind The Scenes –

Real weather and real snow is what director Baltasar Kormákur knew he needed, to make his upcoming biographical drama ‘Everest’, work. In an era of movie making where majestic landscapes and panoramic views are the norm, drawing the audience in on a story about the earths highest mountain, meant they had to go outside the studio.

In a behind the scenes look at the filming of Universal Pictures upcoming action-drama Everest, Kormakur and cast share their thoughts on what it took to make it all look so real.

The film’s schedule began on January 14, 2014, with principal photography in Kathmandu. Scenes were shot at altitudes of 16,000 ft., giving the cast a true sense of the challenges of life at high altitudes. Actor Josh Brolin who plays Beck Weathers in the film, talked about the challenges of filming at such a location stating, “Balt wanted it as real as possible. We worked whatever hours they needed us to work so the conventional filming day—when you get a call time, go to a trailer to get your makeup done and so on—just didn’t exist. I remember lying in bed exhaling massive clouds of breath, not believing quite how cold I felt. But that lent to everything. As much as we complained, we liked it and it brought us together as a core group.

Director Baltasar drew it one step clearer, saying “The water was freezing; we didn’t have any heating in our accommodations. We slept with electric blankets. We could hardly get out of the bed to take a piss because it was so cold“.

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Moving and filming among several different high altitude locations, which also included the Italian Alps proved to be a feat all by itself according to Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays Scott Fischer. “Watching crew 12,000 ft. up on the mountain in a snowstorm moving equipment, Sherpas carrying huge fans on their backs, helicopters dropping pieces of camera, and all of us carrying things up there—setting lines 15 minutes before a take and bringing cameras up to different angles on different rocks—the organization of all that, along with the intensity of making this movie, was extraordinary.”

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Everest opens in theaters September 18th and stars, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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