Who Won History Channel’s ‘Alone’ Survival Competition? (Spoiler)

Who Won History Channel’s ‘Alone’ Survival Competition? (Spoiler)

Spoiler Alert! We told you in our June review that History Channel’s new survival competition, ‘Alone’ was going to be good – worthy of a second season, and we were right. Last night (August 20th) the premiere season’s finale aired, revealing the shows first winner. After toughing it out on Vancouver Island along the Pacific for an amazing 55 days, the 40 year old corrections officer from Georgia, Alan Kay was the last man remaining. He takes home the prize of $500,000.

Winner of Alone on History

Alan Kay – Winner of History Channel’s survivalist series ‘Alone’ Season one. ©2015 A&E/History

History took reality competition to a whole new level with ‘Alone’. The shows contestants signed up to survive in the wilderness on their own for as long as they could, until only one man remained. There were no camera crews either, each survivalist was given camera equipment to document their own journey. The show also lacked the usual narrator and host. You either read small blurbs at the bottom of the screen explaining certain facts along the way, or heard it directly from the players themselves.

I say players, because even though these men are all trained survivalist and much of the challenge was just seeing how long you can last; it was still a game with a half million dollar prize. A fact that seemed to escape the men as the days got longer or life stealing predators lurked outside their tents. The shows youngest contestant, Sam Larson at age 22, was just one man away from winning before he made the call to “tap out” – a fact that was kept from the other players.

Opposite of shows like Survivor, even the announcement of the winner and check delivery came without the usual fanfare. The rescue team, which visited the players each week to make sure they were physically and psychologically safe, used the time to quietly inform the Georgia born Kay that he’d outlasted everyone else – making him the winner. There was no confetti, or a crowd to cheer his victory. His wife, who had come along to pick him up, pulled a plain white envelope out of her jacket pocket which held the prize check and handed it to her husband. All interesting and new dimensions of this show that elevated it to a new level of reality tv.

Sam Larson from Alone Show

Sam Larson – Runner up on History’s ‘Alone’. The shows youngest survivalist at age 22. ©2015 A&E/History

As far as the show’s success for the History channel – Alone did quite well. In fact, it did so good the network has already lined up season two. At the five week mark, ‘Alone’ was rated as the #1 cable program in its Thursday time slot among men ages 25-54. The next season will begin production in the fall, with contestants being dropped off in the Vancouver Island area once again.



History Channel has definitely raised the bar with ‘Alone’ and it will be interesting to see how the next group fares, now that they’ve been able to learn from the series pioneers. It could go two ways – new contestants could have learned from watching their predecessors in season one and end up lasting well beyond the 55 day benchmark, or come in with high expectations only to find out that Alan Kay, was one bad ass survivalist.

Alone did not disappoint and we’re expecting season two to be even better, as long as they don’t start messing with its current format. Congratulations to Mr. Kay on his victory and to runner up Sam Larson, who pushed himself to amazing limits. Alan Kay’s post game perspective on life and what he learned from his time “Alone”, will inspire you. You can watch full episodes online at History – HERE.

Check out our original review of Alone’s season one premiereHERE.

Photo: ©2015 A&E


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