New Music! Austin Plaine’s Debut Album Is Something Special

New Music! Austin Plaine’s Debut Album Is Something Special

I’m a sucker for singer/songwriters. Any artist that puts it all out there musically, vocally and lyrically and pulls it off with precision, deserves big props. Infusing that music with an emotion and texture that transports the listener to another place, takes the kind of stuff that can’t be taught. When you drop an entire debut album that feels both new and classic at the same time – well, then you’re talking about something special. Minnesota singer/songwriter Austin Plaine is just that.

The eleven track debut comes available September 11th. It won’t take long to find a favorite song; but it may be hard to find only one. In our first listen – “Houston”, “Beautiful”, “Wait” and “Never Come Back Again” grabbed the attention of everyone within earshot. Give the album a second go and you may find yourself falling for the songs, “The Other Side of Town” and “Hard Days”. This is no single with ten other songs attached to it.

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Sweet melodies, lyrical introspection, heart thumping choruses and vocal purity that is instantly timeless – are the things that make Austin Plaine’s debut so captivating. To say it’s “Folk” and not expound upon that, does both the record and the artist a disservice. There are songs that fit that genre without any doubt – but within those tracks and in others outright, there is movement to peak the interest of both indie and pop fans alike.

Mastercard used the inspiring, bass infused song “Beautiful” in an ad in 2014. There’s no denying why – Austin’s angelic vocal rides along a rising track, that elicits chills within seconds. NBC’s The Biggest Loser and the CW have used other tracks from the new album as well.

Just the kind of stuff you look for when you want to add something to your music collection, that elevates it to something…well, special.

Austin Plaine’s debut album is out September 11th. We recommend that you get it.

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