Who Sings “Grow Old With Me” On Kaiser Permanente Thrive Commercial?

Who Sings “Grow Old With Me” On Kaiser Permanente Thrive Commercial?

If you’ve seen the touching new commercial from Kaiser Permanenete titled “Thrive”, then you’re probably wondering who is singing the song in the background. We’ve been waiting a long time for this amazing singer from the UK to get attention here in the US and this may just be the ticket.

Who sings “Grow Old With Me” on the new Kaiser Permanente commercial? That’s English singer/songwriter Tom Odell.

The Commercial: Kaiser Permanente “Thrive”:

24 year old Tom Odell released the touching song “Grow Old With Me”, on his debut album ‘Long Way Down’ back in 2013. The piano pounding singer rose to fame in 2012 with the release of his EP Songs From Another Love. He was awarded the Critic’s Choice Award at the 2013 BRIT Awards and saw his debut record hit number one in the UK that same year.

Tom Odell On Tour With Piano Man Billy Joel

English Singer/Songwriter Tom Odell.

We’ve been touting Odell since 2013 and still can’t believe he hasn’t fully broken through here in the states yet. Hopefully the new ad will help get viewers looking to find out more about this incredible artist.

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The Song: “Grow Old With Me” by Tom Odell:

Tom is currently working on a second album. Which means you have time to get caught up!

Visit Tom Odell – Official

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