What’s The Song On The Apple Watch Commercial With Chloë Sevigny

What’s The Song On The Apple Watch Commercial With Chloë Sevigny

Actress Chloë Sevigny lays in a pile of clothes in a recent Apple Watch commercial, trying to figure out which outfit to wear. The good news is that her Apple accessory comes with a bunch of different colored bands, for just the right match. Course you were probably more interested in that trippy, space aged pop track playing in the background.

If you’re wondering “What’s the song” on the Apple Watch commercial called “Style”, we have the answer.

The Ad – Apple Watch Commercial ‘Style’ with Chloë Sevigny

The funky, skippy, electric-pop track titled “Gold”, comes from the 20 year old Illinois singer, Kiiara. Produced by Felix Snow, the single is the lead track from Kiiara’s upcoming debut EP, Meet Me In The Cornfield.

The Song – “Gold” by Kiiara from Apple Watch TV Ad


Kiiara hasn’t dropped all she has in the lead track from her debut Ep either. Her Soundcloud page previews several singles, that will probably be on the upcoming EP, that are just as unique and infectious. Her silky, light and dreamy vocal is proof that there is always someone out there ready to bring something fresh.

The latest track to be released on her Soundcloud page called, “Intention” is an R&B-Pop treat that is sure to turn heads. Keeping with a slightly less trippy production than that of “Gold”, Kiiara drops her vocal range down a notch for a more mature and intimate sound. Stream it below.

These Apple Watch TV ads are proving to be a good place to find great music and “Gold” by Kiiara is one you’ll want to get on your playlist ASAP. It’s out now on iTunes.

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