What’s The Song On The “Our Brand Is Crisis” Trailer

What’s The Song On The “Our Brand Is Crisis” Trailer

If you’re wondering what’s the song on the new Our Brand Is Crisis trailer starring Sandra Bullock, we’ve got the answer.

The thumping track fits perfect with clips of Bullock being sassy to co-star Billy Bob Thornton, in the upcoming Warner Bros comedy which opens in theaters October 30th.

The track used in the latest visual is called “Wicked Ones”, from the Los Angeles rock quartet, DOROTHY.

The Trailer – ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ Starring Sandra Bullock:

Frontwoman Dorothy Martin is the one delivering up the blues touched vocals on “Wicked Ones”, with band members Zac Morris, Mark Jackson and Gregg Cash dropping the rock ‘n roll.

Dorothy Band

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The single comes from the bands self-titled debut EP, which released this past September, on Jay Z’s Roc Nation label. If that name drop isn’t enough to turn your head, Rolling Stone magazine put the up-and-coming LA band at #14 on their list of 50 Best New Artists for 2014.

The Song – “Wicked Ones” by DOROTHY from ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ trailer:

Trailers are always a great place to discover new music and “Wicked Ones” by DOROTHY is definitely a good find. Roc Nation website noted that the single has also been picked up by Levi’s, for one of their international ad campaigns.

When you get done enjoying “Wicked Ones”, check out DOROTHY’s other banger, “Raise Hell” – HERE.

We agree, DOROTHY are ones to watch!

The DOROTHY EP is available on itunes.

DOROTHY Official

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