Mark Ruffalo’s Paris Twitter Post: Bad Timing Or Just Plain Wrong?

Mark Ruffalo’s Paris Twitter Post: Bad Timing Or Just Plain Wrong?

Friday the 13th, 2015 will sadly be a day long remembered for the people of Paris, France; and the world for that matter. Armed gunmen entered six different public venues in the city of Paris, opened fire and detonated explosives, ultimately killing over 130 people. In a concert hall where the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were playing, around 80 attendants were brutally shot dead.

As usual, people around the world went to their social media accounts to express their concern, shock and sympathy. Including famous celebrities like Hulk star, Mark Ruffalo.

While the coverage was actively going on, French police and military were still attempting to take down the terrorists and the dead lay in the streets – Mark Ruffalo cautioned people to no lose their tolerance or humanity. On his verified Twitter account, he posted, “Don’t allow this horrific act allow you to be drawn into the loss of your humanity or tolerance. That is the intended outcome”.

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The initial response to the post was positive. Fellow actor Elijah Wood tweeted, “Amen” and another replied with a similar response, “Preach”. But it didn’t take long for others to chime in with a very different view. Leading to the question if Ruffalo’s Twitter post was bad timing or just plain wrong?

Twitter follower @Judrap posed a simple, but loaded question to the actor when he posted, “@MarkRuffalo take it no one you know is involved?” The Avengers star was quick to reply, “I have a lot of family there, but no. But it does not take away from my sadness nor the pain”.

Others were not so diplimatic. User @Patrickoscully got right to the point when he posted, “@MarkRuffalo @sharoconnor What utter bullshit”.

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Throughout the night and into the next morning, the negative responses and opinions to the Hollywood star’s Tweet continued.

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mark ruffalo gets it wrong on Paris

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Just prior to the terrible murdering of innocent people in the City of Love, the 47 year old actor was using his Twitter account to make a call for environmental concerns. These posts worked their way into the discussion, when followers questioned Mark’s priorities .

Post by Mark Ruffalo

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User @Fyre_ice posted, “That asshole is more concerned with cutting down Trees WOW”, referencing an earlier post by the actor calling for the stopping of cutting down of 1,000 trees on county parkland.

I have to admit (even though I like Ruffalo as an actor), when I saw the post during the hours surrounding the actual event, it did scream, “bad timing”; sounding more like “now be nice”, to anyone touched by the event.

As noted by several Twitter users, in their own replies about his view on the “intended outcome”, of those who unleashed this heinous act of violence upon the innocent, Mark seems to have missed the point. The goal of these awful people is quite clear; to murder. Which sad to say, they did – in large number.

In fairness, Ruffalo’s motives seem pure. Maybe weeks or months later this type of call could have more impact, and seem more appropriate. The question of the goal of these terrorists upon Paris Friday night (and the world for that matter), as expressed by the actor, will most likely always be a heated debate.

But maybe the real issue here is quite simple; when you have such a large reach and an open mic to the world – remember to pause before you speak. Timing and content are important during such times as these and the last thing people want to hear when their loved ones have been removed from the world so violently, is how to respond.

We tried to keep it simple that night.

Let us know what you think about Mark Ruffalo’s Twitter post below.

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