Who Is The Korean Girl Singing Hello By Adele?

Who Is The Korean Girl Singing Hello By Adele?

The internet went a buzz this week, when a YouTube video of a young Korean girl singing “Hello” by Adele, went viral. Two students from Seoul Music High School in South Korea, caught the attention of the world with a simple, yet powerful cover of the Brit’s hits song.

Dressed in their school uniforms inside one of the classrooms, 17 year old Lydia Lee closes her eyes to sing, while her partner plays the piano.

While most of the songs beginning is done quite well, Lydia Lee astounds around the two minute, twenty second mark with her almost spot on vocal range and delivery.

South Korean Lydia Lee Covers Adele’s “Hello”

Lydia Lee has attended Seoul Music High School since 2013. She also Lives in Seoul, South Korea.

Her Facebook page houses a few other musical samples, snippets of covers of songs by Miley Cyrus and Hozier, as well as a pretty awesome group worship song.

The young singer shows off her soulful side, in a lively cover of the 1960’s hit by Ray Charles, “Hit The Road Jack”. The video which appears on Lydia Lee’s page was posted sideways, but it’s still good – SEE IT HERE.

The video of the Korean girl singing “Hello”, was posted by YouTube Channel ‘Live goose bumps to the public’ from Makeus.com on November 5th. In less than 24 hours, its views had reached over 1.5 million, and going strong.

Vivian Eunyoung Lee, head of the communication division from MAKEUS explained to Daystune the story behind the amazing video.

There are numerous amateur singers who have remarkable talents in South Korea. And this is the reason why we opened and manage a YouTube and a Facebook channel introducing those talents. Our channel, ‘일소라’ which means ‘Ordinary People’s Cover Songs,’ is one of the most famous Facebook channels in Korea. Our channel shows amateur singer’s amazing covers and sometimes their original songs.

The singer of the video originally sent MAKEUS a cover of another artist which was not Adele. We thought her voice color matched Adele’s songs better than what she sent us. So we suggested her to do a cover of an Adele’s song which allowed her to blend within the song more naturally”.

Ms. Lee also explained that, “the channel is especially seen by most of the Korean entertainment agencies and by producers of Audition TV shows. Many amateur singers are seen through our channel and contacted by casting directors or become Facebook stars or YouTube stars“.

Adele Cover Singer Lydia Lee

©2015 Lydia Lee Facebook

Find out more about Lydia Lee and let her know what you think of her cover, at her official Facebook page – Lydia Lee Facebook. Share the link to this post and let others know where you found her.

UPDATE: Lydia Lee has become a world wide sensation and this week the young singer appeared on the Ellen show. Ellen talked a bit with her, before letting her sing the Adele cover “Hello”, live for the audience.

Korean Singer Lydia Lee Sings “Hello” on Ellen

Photo: ©2015 YouTube


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