Who Sings On The New John Lewis Christmas Commercial Man On The Moon?

Who Sings On The New John Lewis Christmas Commercial Man On The Moon?

The latest Christmas commercial for the UK retailer John Lewis, had all the buzz of an upcoming blockbuster leading up to its November release this week. Residents of Great Britain look forward each year, to see what the new season’s heartfelt story will be, and then of course the song.

This year even we got excited here at Daystune, when we found out it was a young singer we’ve been touting as the next big thing; 19-year-old Norwegian singer, Aurora.

John Lewis Christmas

©2015 John Lewis

The track playing on the new holiday advert for John Lewis is called “Half the World Away” and was written by former Oasis lead guitarist, Noel Gallagher back in 1994.

For the chains new “Man On The Moon” TV commercial, the song got two make-overs; a slowed down version and a new singer in Aurora. Her ethereal vocal delivery is the perfect fit for the ads sentimental and starry skied advert.

John Lewis Christmas Ad “Man On The Moon”

Aurora already caught the attention of pop super star Katy Perry this year, after she heard the single “Runaway” and this new exposure is bound to give her rising star a boost.

We described the singer/songwriter this way after we first heard “Runaway” earlier this Spring:

“The flow of her vocal, unique accent and her commitment to the songs lyrics, creates a cinematic-esque track that is simply, breathtaking”.

Aurora photo

©Aurora Facebook

Although her part in the John Lewis ad is good, you’re doing yourself a diservice if you don’t check out her original material. She’s got so much more to offer and once you hear it, you’ll be hooked.

John Lewis got it right this year. Count the discover as an early Christmas gift and buy it now on iTunes – HERE.

Singer on John Lewis Ad – Aurora “Runaway” (Video)

Check out our former post on Aurora – GO NOW!

Aurora Official
John Lewis Official

Photo: ©2015 John Lewis


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