Lukas Graham – Singer

Lukas Graham – Singer

Lukas Graham is a singer and songwriter from Denmark. His full name is Lukas Graham Forchhammer and without the use of his last name, it represents both himself and his band. That’s as basic as you can get, when it comes to knowing more about the voice behind the amazing single, “7 Years”. Beyond that is a much deeper artist and man, who deserves the attention of music fans around the world in 2016.

For starters, the 27 year old Graham isn’t just beginning in music. Even though his venture into mainstream music with his band over the last several years has made him a star in Denmark and Europe, his vocal skill comes from both nature and training.

Lukas Graham Band

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Lukas is a classically educated soloist from Copenhagen’s Boys Choir, who has been singing professionally since he was just eight years old. He started doing theater when he was fifteen and wrote his first song, “Pain Has Many Faces” at 20. His music both lyrically and vocally manifests this maturity.

Although he doesn’t like being labeled as a soul singer, (he says he’s an artist that sings with soul), his vocal sound when speaking/singing in English and the flow of his music, will leave you placing the descriptive term at some point when talking about him. If you didn’t know he was from Denmark hearing him speak for the first time, you might place his origin somewhere near Brooklyn.

Lukas Graham “7 Years” Official Video

The bands self-titled debut album which released in 2012, and its follow up Lukas Graham (Blue Album), both hit number one in his home country of Denmark. Tracks from both records and the YouTube videos that followed, have helped get his music out beyond the borders of his birthplace, including here in the US. Several of the videos have reached views in the millions on YouTube and the recently released official video for his single, “7 Years” is quickly approaching that mark.



Watching him perform a live version of the song for a video with VEVO, demonstrates his vocal skill and confidence behind the mic. With almost studio perfection, both Lukas and his band deliver live music that is sure to please any ticket paying fan. That chemistry, which comes from members Mark Falgren on drums, Magnus Larsson on bass and Kasper Daugaard on keyboards, is what makes the total package what it is.

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Passion, soul and a story are all aspects of Lukas Graham’s songs that captivate you when you listen. The skill level of his band, coupled with his own genius vocally produce a sound that feels like they’ve been performing together for decades. Although “7 Years” may be the song to make them a household name here in the States, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of songs you’re destined to love.

Whether it’s hearing one of Graham’s songs, listening to him read one of his poems or seeing him get emotional talking about the death of his father, you walk away knowing there is more to him than just being, a singer. As he stated in a recent interview, he’s here to tell his stories; real stories about real people and life, he says. Growing up in a place like Christiana, Copenhagen are where most of those flow from. A place described on his Facebook page as:

A 30-block radius, there are no cars, streetlights, or police. A personal toilet and running water were considered luxuries in the early nineties. Dogs roam the cobblestone streets without leashes, and plumes of smoke billow out of the windows.

“We were those kids who were always dirtier than the other kids…”, “Mom worked nightshifts cleaning, while dad repaired and refurbished antique stoves and ovens”.

It’s that kind of contact with life and the immersion of himself in his lyrics, vocals and performance that make him not only one artist you need to get to know in 2016, but one we’re damn sure you’re going to love.

Get To Know Lukas Graham Video by Warner Bros.

We recommend you start with Lukas Graham’s song “7 Years” and then make your journey through all the amazing music beyond that; “Funeral”, “Mamma Said” and many more. Our eyes and ears are on him, yours should be too!

Lukas Graham’s US full-length debut album is out now. BUY ON iTUNES

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